The new Bionicman comic book with the Bionics is now available.

Bionicmania celebrates diversity by combining different comic genres from Manga to Street Art to Graphic Novel. The Bionics stand united and extend a helping hand to everyone.

The Bionics consist of Bionicman, the female superhero Bionica, Beow the pirate cat and a dog called Biog with a superpaw.


A superhero with a special feature who turns any perceived weakness into a strength. His most powerful muscle is his heart.


Girl power with a sprinkling of charm. Helpful, compassionate and always a cape’s length ahead. You can depend on her.


The faithful soul of the troop. Loyal, good-natured and ready for any kind of fun. A true friend and a master of the puppy dog eyes.


A pirate cat with a superpaw. Strong-willed, confident and never at a loss for a meow. Time travel and flying are just two of her many superpowers.

Bionicmania Next Generation Tour

On their “Next Generation Tour”, Bionica and Bionicman visit schools, children's hospitals and sports camps. They playfully encourage children to be kinder and more accepting of others.

They learn that everyone is special and a perceived weakness can become a personal strength.

Gina Rühl aka Bionica.After an accident, her left arm needed to be amputated. She is the first handicapped person to become the first runner-up in the"Miss Germany" pageant.

The Magical Foursome

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