Michel was born without a right hand. His heart’s desire for every child to have access to a hand prosthesis led to the founding of Give CHILDREN a Hand.

The foundation and a team of specialists work together to create and produce innovative 3D-printed hand prostheses.

In addition to physical aids, children also need role models to support and protect them mentally, as well as strengthen their self-esteem. This is why we created the Bionics; Bionica, Bionicman, Beow the pirate cat and Biog, a dog with a super paw, and publish their non-violent adventures in comic books.

On their “Next Generation Tour”, Bionica and Bionicman visit schools, children's hospitals and sports camps. They playfully encourage children to be kinder and more accepting of others. They learn that everyone is special and a perceived weakness can become a personal strength.

Diversity, inclusion, and bullying prevention. Thank you for your support.

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